Shaune Clarke

is the Creator of the Naturally Gifted Assessment...

Who is Shaune Clarke?

Shaune has always found people to be fascinating. 

– People watching and simply wondering…

“Who are you?” – was a favourite pass-time of his.

– Understanding human dynamics and human psychology has been a life-long fascination and education.

– In all manner of ways, exploring and evolving himself for decades.

The idea of giftedness was once presented to him, by a colleague, on a plane from Vancouver to Montreal. Immediately Shaune was captivated and began researching and creating Natural Gifts Content, eventually evolving to his own Naturally Gifted Questionnaire and Assessment.

You can see a great example of Shaune Clarke’s own gift mix (Leadership, Teaching & Evangelism on these two websites…

Over many years and after personally doing hundreds of assessments himself, key distinctions became obvious. These distinctions created combinations and iterations that meant giftedness was incredibly unique and personal..

Those distinctions include....

1) Some gifts were more common than others. 

2) Full gift expression could be limited by life experiences that were limiting. 

3) We are not uniquely gifted by accident. It’s like the DNA of your own sense of meaning and purpose.

4) The combination of gifts (Gift Mix) meant that…

– There were unlimited variations of how someone could be gifted.

This then meant that there were likewise, unlimited versions of gift expression.

Gift Mix - creates gift synergy.

As gifts combine together in an individual they create unique connections and unique understandings.

Meaning that, depending on any one person’s combinatioan of gifts they’d be uniquely capable and talented in equally unique ways.

The depth to which this was true kept Shaune’s mind engaged in being able to completely unpack it, understand it and then pass this information on, so everyone could really see and understand just how valuable they are in the World.

Shaune believes everyone should not only do the assessment but also attend the Naturally Gifted Weekend School of Immersion.

It’s like a school of learning that lasts only two days but creates a lifetime shift of understanding and appreciation for self and others…

When you understand your value in the world – you stop comparing yourself to others.

You feel empowered knowing you have your own unique capacity and contribution to make.

And equally as important…

You begin to understand others and how they see things differently than you do.

This becomes an invaluable awareness when interacting with your partner, your family, your children and colleagues. You can find yourself less frustrated, more understanding and with much more appreciation for the person in front of you.

Imagine traveling through life seeing everyone you meet not so much for their imperfections but through the lens of their unique value and contribution to the world we live in.


Shaune Clarke Says "We are All Gifted"

We all have our unique contribution to make. And yes – we may behave imperfectly and yes we will make mistakes but underneath all of that is…

A gifted human being who is here on Earth to make his or her own unique contribution.

The Gift Questionnaire and Assessment is a great foundation to this understanding.

The weekend Naturally Gifted School is a far more in depth immersion that helps us carry this truth into our day to day interactions with others. It really can be a life-changing experience helping to shift our perceptions and expectations of self and others.

Shaune Clarke and The New Economy (TNE) are grateful to Naturally Gifted for being a business offering unlimited assessments for the TNE coin.

Shaune Clarke

Shaune Clarke TPR - Digital Currency Expert. Portfolio image arms crossed

Our world often pressures us to conform. I believe there is a path to authenticity and self-expression. Through ‘The Book of Gifts,’ I believe we are providing a powerful tool for personal transformation. Transforming because it clearly shows how we all have a unique and invaluable contribution to make. Your gifts are your passion. Your passion is your purpose here on Planet Earth.

Shaune Clarke - TNE