At Naturally Gifted we have made the conscious choice to....

Accept The TNE Coin – Digital Currency For Payment.

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What Is The TNE Coin?

(and why we accept TNE as payment)

1. We are advocates for the people and freedom of choice.

2. We do see blockchain technology as having great potential.

3. We see The TNE Coin as being much different from traditional crypto.

4. We see the innovation and evolution of crypto to digital currency very clearly achieved with The New Economy Coin.

5. We love receiving our compounding rewards in the TNE wallet.

6. We also appreciate the value of an anchored coin and especially how thorough The TNE Coin has been in achieving this.

To make payment simply using
The TNE Coin …


Send Payment

Step 1. Send payment to our TNE Wallet Address

Complete Purchase Form

Step 2. Notify us payment has been made via the contact form on the website or click here



Receive Assesment

Complete the Assessment - Sent to You Via Email Prvoided.

Uncover Your Gifts

Discover Your Uniqueness in our 65 Page Gift Book and explore your natural gifts.


What is The TNE Coin?
There are many facets to the answer to this question…​
A like-minded community coming together with a common sense of purpose. We love to transact and engage with others who participate in The New Economy. We have met just the best people as a result and we appreciate this unique benefit.
The ability to have an alternate means of payment amongst customers and businessowners. We appreciate it every time we are paid with The TNE Coin knowing the network is expanding. It feels like a movement that is growing in popularity
Accumulating The TNE Coin as a digital asset. When we receive The TNE Coin as payment – we see it as just that… We have the possibility of accumulating TNE as a digital asset. This does feel like we’re building something for our future and for our children. And we get to do this by leveraging our business. Perfect!
Our Own Evolution – The TNE Coin has a real sense that as human beings we all carry an innate humanity. Our humanity is full of love and compassion and generosity. With a currency that is compounding for you in the wallet this allows for abundance to grow and with more abundance comes reduced stresses and with reduced stresses – our humanity can come to the surface. This allows for our natural will to give to become far more present in our everyday lives. Imagine a world where generosity is that prevalent. We feel so fully aligned with this vision.
How To

ParticIpate yourself

There are many ways to participate in helping grow The TNE Coin and The New Economy Project.

If You Also Resonate With The TNE Coin And Would Like To Know More There’s A Very Succinct Overview Here…

The New Economy
has partnered with The TNE Coin,
our Digital Currency
of Choice
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